Wheelchairs for disabled dogs      

A collision, a fall, a bad move, genetic or degenerative causes, and so on. They can cause injuries of varying severity and with different consequences that limit the mobility of our pet. Such injuries can make life of our dog, and therefore ours, change significantly.

We believe that euthanasia should not be the first choice for pets who unfortunately find themselves in this terrible situation.

The aim of this website is none other than raise another option, making it clear that will not always be applicable and that largely depends on the owner's capacity for solidarity and the suffering of the animal in case you want to keep him alive. In the latter, it is absolutely essential to the opinion of a veterinarian familiar with this type of injury.

This option is disabled the dog riding in a cart-made. A well adapted cart allows the animal to move quite smoothly almost everywhere, offering a fairly good quality of life.

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Of course, this assumes a certain sympathy for the owner:

• Regular vet visits.
• Constant attention.
• Food wholly owned.
• Special care with hygiene of the animal.
• Exercising the muscles to minimize the inevitable muscle atrophy.
• Adapt your environment.
• The financial outlay that this entails.

All these complications are minimized when we see our pet with the ability to live.

Where I can get a wheelchair for my dog?

In Mexico D.F. There is a small business that makes wheelchairs for disabled pets. Its goal is to reach all the pets that have disabilities, their fate is euthanasia and this can be avoided by purchasing one of their products and improve their quality of life greatly. Despite the high prices of materials continue to maintain the lowest prices worldwide reach its purpose being to all pets that need it and that the high prices do not have access to a chair.

Their product is 100% Mexican orders are shipped through Mexico. The chairs are made using traditional methods, which are priced at 5 times lower than those that are imported.

On its website www.car-can.com.mx can see different models adapted for different sizes of dogs. Can also be contacted via e- car-can@live.com.mx with the personal attention of Javier Herrera.

Sizes & Prices

Small (dachshound, maltese, poodle) at $50 USD
Medium (cocker) at $63 USD
Major (German Shepherd) at $75 USD

Plus shipping (Mexpost, takes 1 to 2 days to arrive), but if picked up directly at the facility. The sizes are slight modifications of the type of the animal body (whether short or long, for example).


MVZ    Javier  Herrera
Phone. (55)  5641-7807 - Cell.  04455 3867-9326
México City
e.mail: car-can@live.com.mx - contacto@car-can.com.mx
Website: http://www.car-can.com.mx


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Source: http://www.carrocan.com/ y http://www.car-can.net

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